Airport parking has become a serious issue for travelers around the world. At London's Heathrow airport, people face the same issue. It's difficult for travelers to enjoy their vacations or complete a business trip without worrying about their cars parked at the airport parking. Here are a few issues that people face at the parking facilities of the Heathrow airport.


  • Security: The main concern of anybody while parking their vehicle is security. Obviously, it's frustrating when you find a scratch on your car when you see it after a week-long vacation. All the joy goes down the drain. So choose a company with the best reviews about security, the testimonials of different people will definitely give you a little peace of mind. 
  • High Prices: The prices of parking services at the Heathrow are sky high, most people can't afford them. But, there are a lot of companies offering these services at much lower rates. You can compare their prices and go for the one that suits you best. 
  • Distant Compounds: If your chauffeur isn't there to pick you up, it doesn't always mean that he's inefficient. The parking compounds of different companies are too far away, most of the time that's the reason you are waiting at the terminal. So you should always inquire about the parking compounds when you choose a parking service so that the next time you arrive, you don't have to wait for your own car like a Night Bus.

Unprofessional Valets: People often complain about the behavior of the valet the company appoints for them. Obviously a rude reception and inefficiency of a valet spoils your mood and nobody wants that. So, the best way to avoid such a situation is to get an idea of what kind of valets does a company have prior to hiring their services. Comparing the reviews of different companies might help you a lot